Just Move In - For a Win-Win Situation


Just Move In offers a unique, professional service. Using our 15 years experience in the rental business in Northern Ireland we can help you to locate a property, which will cater for your individual needs. A win-win situation is achieved by taking pride in our rental properties, paying attention to detail and thus encouraging our tenants to do likewise.

Rental Properties of the Month - Melrose Street, Lisburn Road, Belfast & Beechwood, Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh

Property For Sale, Edenvale, Armagh

Retail Property - Ravenhill Rd

Holiday Let - South of France

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Just Move In offers a more individual service to tenants who want a more personal renting experience. We put effort into preparing our properties so that when you walk in the door you’ll want to make this house your home. Our properties are tastefully decorated throughout and furnished to a high standard.

Property Investors

Just Move In achieves land-lording success by good preparation and sound management of our properties. The elimination of problems before they arise attracts good tenants and is the key to successful land-lording. By acting as intermediary between you and your tenants we can ensure a smooth-running process that will make you ask the question, why didn't I do this before?




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